Corona Virus QnA

Corona Virus QnA

It definitely comes in everyone’s mind after all, what is corona and how to avoid it ? on this topic you will be asked to do a lot of different things or not, so let us find something about it which is really useful. It is a compulsion to go out for a job, if not today we have to go to work tomorrow, in such a situation it is very important to know about this pandemic so that we can take steps to protect ourselves.

What is Coronovirus?

Corona Virus is an pandemic that can occur in humans and animals. It belongs to a family of viruses whose infection can cause serious problems ranging from common cold-cold to shortness of breath. To know about it in detail (click here).

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is the official name for Corona Virus. The World Health Organization has given this name. Before it was breakout in 2019, there were more variants like COVID-2 (To know in detail Click here).

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, fatigue, and dry cough. Some patients may have problems like runny nose, sore throat and shortness of breath. It’s symptoms can appear anywhere from 2 days to 14 days or even longer. (For more information Click Here)

What are the main reasons for the outbreak of COVID-19?

COVID-19 can spread from one victim to another. If a person suffering from CORONA VIRUS coughs or exhales, small droplets from their nose or mouth fall on surrounding objects and surfaces. When people touch these objects or surfaces and then touch their eyes, nose or mouth, this infection spreads in them as well. These reasons can be avoided by making some small changes to the way routine works. (Click here to know more)

How likely is there to be CORONA?

It depends where you are, and what your routine is and especially around the place where there is an outbreak of COVID-19. The risk of being vulnerable to COVID-19 is still low for most people in most locations. Therefore, it is better to avoid needless movement anywhere and especially in crowded areas. There are some small but special things that we need to keep in mind. (Click to know)

Should I worry about CORONA?

How deadly CORONA can be is not hidden from anyone in today’s time. It is therefore important to understand that the disease caused by this COVID-19 infection is usually mild, especially for children and adults, but it can cause serious illness. One out of every five people who fall prey to it needs hospital care. And you know how serious this pandemic has affected the whole world. In such a situation, CORONA is truly a matter of concern.

Are antibiotics effective in treating COVID-19?

As the pandemic spreads, so far no institution has formally announced any antibiotics of CORONA or any other medicines. Whenever you see any symptoms, immediately seek the advice of a certified doctor and not find ways of treatment through social media. You may find preventive measures on social media, but only seek medical advice for treatment.

 Antibiotics do not work against viruses, they only work on bacterial (bacterial) infections. COVID-19 is caused by the virus, so antibiotics do not work on it. Antibiotics should not be used as a means of prevention or treatment of COVID-19.

Should we wear masks for protection?

Wearing a mask is essential for safety. If you are sick with COVID-19 symptoms (especially cough) or taking care of someone who is suffering from COVID-19, then wear a mask. Disposable face masks can only be used once. 

If you go out of the house for any work, then any thing you touches (whether the door handle, lift buttons, the outer surface of your car and other such things) can be infected and that way If you touch your face with these hands, it can make you sick too.

Can humans be infected with COVID-19 from an animal?

CORONA is a large family of VIRUS viruses, which are common in animals. Sometimes, people become infected with these viruses which can later spread to other people. To protect yourself from this, do not visit the markets of live animals and avoid direct contact with animals.

Can I have COVID-19 from my pet?

No. There is no evidence yet that any pets such as cats and dogs have been infected with COVID-19 and can spread the virus.

How long does the virus survive on surfaces?

It cannot be said exactly how long the virus of COVID-19 survives on surfaces, but it behaves like other viruses. Studies show that CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) can persist on surfaces for a few hours or several days. It can vary under different conditions (temperature, atmosphere or type of the surface).

Is there anything I should not do?

The following measures are not effective against COVID-2019, they can be harmful.



Wear more than one mask together

Taking antibiotics

In any case, if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, consult a doctor to reduce the risk of developing a more serious infection and also inform him about your recent visit, This can provide a way for you to reach the source of Corona virus in you, with the help of this you will get help in your treatment as well.

If you have any more questions, please write in the comment section, we will try our best to provide you better information.

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